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Tejas Order Management System LITE

The need for an efficient and Lite version of Order Management System is paramount for emerging retail businesses wanting to sell online.

TOMS Lite is a simple and quick plug-in operating from a single platform or e-commerce marketplace integration with added flexibility to connect one shipping carrier, 3PL, WMS or external ERP integrators using pre-existing TOMS Lite API integration.

A cost-effective end to end fulfillment solution with many out of the box capabilities.


  • Designed for small to mid-size retailers
  • Quick and easy integration
  • Multi-Channel, multi-lingual, multi-currency, and multi-warehouse
  • Integrates into any single platform like Shopify, Salesforce Commerce Cloud, Magento etc.,
  • Up to 3 transactional brands via one platform
  • Manual Split Order Allocation Facility
  • Integration with one third party shipping system or carrier solution
  • Pick Sheet and Pack Sheet Feature
  • API Endpoints to post Ship Notification and get Order Status Updates
  • Data Management – Basic Import/Export for Products
  • Standard Reports
  • Simple Application Error Dashboard
  • User/Role Security and Permissions Management


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