Why should Retailers focus on BOPIS?

Why should Retailers focus on BOPIS?

Increasing popularity of digital shopping has led to click-and-collect sales doubling in 2020.

Click-and-collect, which is also referred to as BOPIS (Buy Online, pick up In Store) will sustain double-digit growth rates through 2024, as per Business Insider’s analysis.

BOPIS provides the convenience of online shopping with the efficiency of same-day delivery for consumers. BOPIS is more critical for small to midsize physical stores to help expand their footprint and compete with larger retailers.

Why are consumers opting for BOPIS?

  • Faster delivery due to picking up in store option
  • No shipping cost hence cost savings
  • Ability to see the products in advance
  • Convenience and increased confidence
  • Avoiding discrepancy of deliveries
  • Option of immediate return if needed
What should retailers do to have a successful BOPIS model?

  • Better inventory management such as up-to-date and consolidated inventory data across all channels including physical store
  • Efficient ecommerce and fulfillment applications to support BOPIS features
  • Easy to locate, easy to use and a designated pick area in stores for customer satisfaction
  • Awareness and training for the store employees

Business insider, Signifyd, Photo by Connor Danylenko

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