Why Quick Commerce?

Q-commerce is expected to be one of the top Retail Innovations in 2022.

Q-commerce (Quick commerce) is another form of e-commerce where the products are delivered in a shorter period. i.e.., customers will get their delivery within one hour of placing their order.

This Rapid Delivery model indicates that Q-commerce is a combination of traditional e-commerce with last-mile delivery innovation. Super-fast delivery is the main KPI.

Due to the Covid impact and change in customer expectations, Q-commerce has created a phenomenal impact in 2022.

Even though Q-commerce started with groceries, it’s supporting other areas such as beverages, home / personal care, pet supplies, flowers, gifts, books, small electronic. Some examples include London Tech store Currys that is trialling 30-minute deliveries and Amazon Prime Air that uses drones to offer Q-commerce in the US.

To make Q-commerce a big success, strict business discipline and robust e-commerce software systems are needed. Quick commerce is expected to grow 10-15 times in the next 5 years as per the reports.

Online Retails are expected to adapt this rapid delivery business model in the coming years.

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