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Newsletter #3 | 2023

Across every industry, there’s buzz about Generative Artificial Intelligence (GenAI) and other advanced technologies. When you understand the technical building blocks powering apps like ChatGPT, Google’s Bard, the uses for GenAI go far beyond what we already see. This has become a broad topic across all industries in a short span of time and it is predicted, this could enable automation of up to 70% of business activities!

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October 25, 2023 Scotland

GenAI Updates
There are few reasons why Generative AI, beyond the hype, means all business.

* Startup with GenAI focus increased by 120% though overall funding collapsed by 65% in the same period in subdued macro environment.

* Patents trends increased in GenAI 4.5x in 3 years.

* More companies mention GenAI in their filings, conference calls, Sales and Marketing.

What do these terms mean for the retail industry? Few potential use cases: -

Current ecommerce requires lot of human resource to manage the catalogue, product search, etc. As operations grow this became a challenge for merchandise team to maintain. With the right amount of training the large language model (LLM) technology behind the GenAI, could dramatically reduce the resource needs.

Manually tagging product photos with their attributes is time consuming job. By leveraging LLM with computer vision models, this can generate the product attributes by analysing the photos and can also be further optimized using historical data.

There is endless list of use cases from across industries where GenAI is being used in novel ways, and we think GenAI adoption at companies will play a crucial role in determining the winners and losers of tomorrow.

At Tejas we are monitoring the developments happening around GenAI in retail space and putting our effort to adopt useful use cases for Tejas fulfilment products which could potentially improve overall customer experience.

Read our latest case study

Tejas, a Premium Salesforce Consulting Partner, and, a leading retailer client in the UK, collaborated to create a seamless customer fulfillment experience through Salesforce OMS Implementation.

Tejas Product Suite Updates

Latest Product Video

Optimizing Order Fulfillment Process Video. How Tejas Helped to Overcome Challenges?

Penetration Testing Update

We have successfully completed the in-depth security audit and penetration testing, earning a verifiable Penetration Testing certificate for the Tejas Product Suite of applications.

Incoming New Partners

Tejas are delighted to be associated with UKWA as official partners who help retailers and 3PL warehouses to simplify shipping processes strategy.

Partner Innovation

Harness the potential of generative AI with a versatile blend of commercial, open-source, and custom LLMs.

Combining our industry knowledge and GEN AI technical expertise, we empower our clients with comprehensive solutions to optimize enterprise functions. Catch up with out latest Suite solutions to innovate, make operational improvements and increase productivity!

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