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Newsletter #4 | 2024

“Security… Compliance… Cloud-based WMS… Operational Impact… Customer reputation…”

The growing threat of cyber-attacks and data breaches industry-wide including warehouse operations is exacerbated by the prevalent inadequate configuration of cloud services and the advancing skills of cyber criminals.

Amid the considerations for capabilities, functionalities, user interface and user experience, security and compliance are often overlooked as critical factors in the decision-making process for selecting the most suitable systems. While every supplier will undoubtedly claim that their solution is scalable, flexible, cost-effective, user-friendly and more, the unfortunate reality is that not everyone acknowledges or are willing to discuss the security features and associated risks.

As an IT solution provider, at TEJAS Software, we recognize that security holds equal importance irrespective of warehouse sizes or its operations. This is why our fulfillment solutions have obtained industry-leading SOC 2 Type 2 accreditation. This globally recognized accreditation validates Tejas’ commitment to critical security standards to protect and secure client data.

Being SOC 2 compliant assures you that TEJAS got the infrastructure, tools, and processes to protect our customer information from unauthorized access both from within and outside the firm.
For more information on the significance of security in cloud based solution and it’s operational impact etc, Read our January article on this topic published in the UK warehousing Association Magazine - Warehouse (ukwa.org.uk)

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Retail Supply Chain and Logistics Expo
February 27 - 28, 2024 London

Vision of Logistics Workshop 2024
March 05 - 07, 2024 UK

UKWA National Conference
March 12 - 13, 2024 UK

April 18, 2024 UK

Digital Transformation Project Case Study

One of the multilevel marketing companies in the beauty & cosmetics space was undertaking a large digital transformation project from their legacy systems to Salesforce.

Incoming New Partners
Tejas is delighted to be associated with CarrierNet and Keyence as official partners who help retailers and 3PLs streamline their shipping procedures and warehouse operations.
Partner Innovation

CarrierNet's versatility has enabled one of it’s major customers to eliminate over fifteen critical failure points by automating their entire transport planning process. With a simple click of a button, this customer can now integrate supplier collections with deliveries to their UK-wide stores inside a unified planning environment.

It’s method has changed the once-dark arts of route planning into one where senior management establishes all the guidelines and any deviations are recorded and reviewed for ongoing process improvement.

CarrierNet is now extending this concept to all fleets – as there is have no operational or regional limitations.

Thanks to it’s unique integration features, customers can benefit from a transport IT solution that is future-proof and reduces the need to replace legacy systems. To learn more, visit www.carriernet.co.uk

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