Zoho® CRM provides the “big three” of departmental productivity and functionality: sales, marketing and customer service tools for midsize businesses.

Zoho Integration from Tejas SoftwareThe CRM suite contains records for leads, accounts, contacts, and opportunities and is presented in a very simple, easy to use style. Zoho CRM allows you to convert leads to accounts, approve leads as qualified or setup lead assignment rules to automatically feed them to your sales team.

Zoho’s sale pipeline and forecasting is basic, but full-featured, and shows percentage to sales quota, closed amount, committed amount, best guess amount and weighted pipeline amount.

Zoho marketing software is largely a campaign tracking function without any type of marketing automation. It supports campaigns, contact segmentation, broadcast emails with metrics such as open, clickthrough and bounce rates, and basic campaign reporting.

Tejas Software can help you determine if Zoho CRM is right for you, and can integrate it into your business seamlessly and efficiently.


Tableau presents data in a visually appealing, easy to understand way so that you can make better data-driven decisions.

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Putaway Software from Tejas provides infinite warehouse and storage configurations and procedures that help you ensure efficient picking and packing.

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