Putaway Software SolutionPart of managing warehouse efficiency is how products received are stored for later picking.

Tejas Software offers a putaway solution that provides infinite warehouse and storage configurations and  procedures that help you manage your putaway process to ensure efficient picking and packing.

Tejas can configure and integrate its Putaway System into your Warehouse Management System (WMS), Pick and Pack tool, myPOmanager, and any other logistics tools you have.

Putaway is determined by SKU profile data, which includes size or sales velocity rules, Unit of Measure (UOM) classifications, master case/inner case/unit/pallet guidelines, minimum and maximum stock levels, fixed and/or random locations, and location restriction rules.

The following features increase the throughput and accuracy of stock putaway:

  • You can transfer inventory between locations and manage multiple locations
  • Integrates beautifully with our Pick and Pack and myPOmanager solutions
  • Optimize your warehouse layout in order to increase pick staff productivity by placing fast-moving products in the most efficient location

Putaway from Tejas Software helps you enable commerce everywhere by efficiently managing your warehouse space and increasing the efficiency of your space, and your staff!

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