Pick and Pack Software SolutionPicking and packing speed, efficiency and accuracy are the last steps in the order process and can make or break customer satisfaction.

When your orders start coming in, they can quickly become overwhelming. Having an optimized packing list will help you find items quickly and avoid missing items. It ensures you select the right items from the right bins or shelves, and do it quickly and efficiently.

Pick and Pack Software from Tejas:

  • Supports barcode scanners and can print bar code labels
  • Features flexible pick sequences to match your workflow
  • Pick sheets tell your pick staff what to pick and its location
  • FedEx®, UPS®, USPS®, and DHL® shipping integration
  • Can be installed in any Windows environment

Tejas Software will integrate Pick and Pack software with all of your online stores and centralize your pick and pack process. That saves you time, resources, and makes your shoppers happy. A win-win-win!

Tejas Software enables commerce everywhere, in all channels, and in all steps of the fulfillment process.

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We Support Your Business

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