Managing inventory is a fulltime job. With the Automated Reorder Module, you can reallocate your valuable resources to other things, saving you money and time.

Automatic Reordering SoftwareThis system monitors your daily inventory and compares it to daily sales and calculates what you will need to reorder, when you will need to order it, and in what quantity in order to prevent stockouts and backorders.

It’s like having the best, smartest, most talented inventory specialist on your team!

The Automated Reorder Module also adjusts for seasonality. For example, if 90% of your Widget sales happen in June, the system will keep inventory low the rest of the year and increase only when needed. This keeps your overhead low and capital free to focus on other areas of your business.

You can automate the entire reorder process at the Vendor level for a predetermined frequency. All you have to do is to approve the purchase order generated by the system!

Tejas Software improves your bottom line and efficiency, and enables commerce everywhere.

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We Support Your Business

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