Salesforce® is a very powerful suite of CRM products that are tightly integrated to help organizations’ sales and marketing teams function more closely (and more profitably!).

Salesforce Integration from Tejas SoftwareFor a company’s sales team, Salesforce is a cloud-based contact and pipeline manager that helps them function more efficiently no matter where they are located. It keeps track of all of their contacts, regardless of whether they are categorized as leads, opportunities, current accounts, partners or vendors. It is also closely integrated with Outlook® (and other mail and calendar tools) to help them manage their time, appointments and communications.

Salesforce allows marketing teams to create and track marketing campaigns. In-depth reporting and analytics allows each campaign to be immediately evaluated and adjusted based on results. And the most important part: qualified leads can immediately be fed to the sales team for follow-up.

Customer service teams use Salesforce to manage customer support and track them from initial report to issue resolution. The result: higher customer satisfaction.

Finally, Salesforce has robust reporting and impactful dashboard to give company management a clear picture of what action is taking place in sales, marketing, and customer service.

Tejas Software can implement Salesforce for your business and can integrate it with your other systems so you can take full advantage of its power to enable your commerce, everywhere.


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