Tableau® sets itself apart from other business intelligence software by how it presents data in a visually appealing, easy to understand way.

BI Solution from TableauIt is easy enough to work with that any computer user can learn it. But it is also powerful enough to harness your business data so that you can take actionable steps to increase sales, target the correct markets, or react to changing audience trends. Sharing your results is easy too!

Tableau connects easily to nearly any data source and transforms data into visually appealing, interactive visualizations called dashboards. The entire data analysis and display process takes only seconds or minutes and uses an easy drag-and-drop interface.

Just say the word “data” to most people and their eyes glaze over... they look like they’d rather be anywhere else. Tableau makes business intelligence easy and helps turn your data into valuable information. The system can make everyone feel like a data guru.

If you think Tableau is the right BI tool for you, Tejas Software can help you integrate it with your data sources so you can begin taking advantage of the insights it can provide. BI can help you better enable your commerce, everywhere.



When we implement your technology, we train your staff how to use it to harness its full power and maximize its capability.

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We can set up and maintain Demandware so that your shoppers can buy anywhere and you can fulfill from everywhere.

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