Cognos Business Intelligence from IBM® is a very powerful application that provides reports, data analysis, management dashboards and metrics scorecards that help support decision-making based on performance.

BI Solution from CognosWith Cognos at your fingertips, you can explore your data and make better fact-based decisions.

Cognos offers products for the individual, workgroup, department, midsize business and large enterprise:

  • Dashboards that help you access, interact and personalize data to support decision-making
  • Multi-dimensional analysis so you can analyze it to make informed decisions
  • Collaboration options such as communication tools and social networking to exchange ideas
  • Scorecards automate the management and monitoring of business metrics so you can compare them with your organization’s specific operational objectives and goals
  • Cloud-based, so you have the flexibility to deploy your Cognos applications anywhere
  • Built on open standards, so it can meet your future requirements as your business evolves

Implementing Cognos will help you make better, faster and smarter business decisions and will take your business to a whole new level.
Tejas Software can help get you to that next level by integrating and implementing Cognos for you. We understand BI inside and out and the resource challenges it presents. Don’t worry - we’ll handle the hard part so you can focus on your business. We’ll help enable your commerce, everywhere.



When we implement your technology, we train your staff how to use it to harness its full power and maximize its capability.

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We can set up and maintain Demandware so that your shoppers can buy anywhere and you can fulfill from everywhere.

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